As a premier software service provider, our focus remains on attaining utmost the customer satisfaction through paramount solutions that are unmatched in the industry. However, we provide a refund for customers who have received services directly from Manage Goals. If as a client, you are dissatisfied with the software solutions, you own the liberty to cancel the project and seek requisition. You are requested to contact us within 28 days of your initial purchase date to receive a refund; any delay will not be admissible. After undergoing a thorough investigation, we will issue a reimbursement. Your credit card statement will display the refunded balance within 72 hours once we discharge it. It must be noted that a refund will be provided only for software purchased directly from Manage Goals. For 3rd party sellers, it is contingent to 3rd party policies. Please contact our support team at for further details. The cancellation and refund policy of the company is mentioned below:

Cancellation Policy:

Requests presented post 28 business days before the end of the ongoing service period will be overseen as cancellation of services for the succeeding service period.
Contact us at or drop a mail at a for cancellation solutions.

Refund policy:

A comprehensible conception of the refund terms and policies are mentioned below to keep you out of every delusion.


• When our team fails to resolve your issue at any given platform. It happens in extreme circumstances since our technical team and experts try their best to provide an ideal solution.
• In case you have not downloaded any commercial constituent from our site and did not request a refund by 10 days of invoice issue date.
• When your PayPal account, credit card, or other payment mode gets stolen, we request you to ask for a refund instead of furbishing a remuneration request with your bank or PayPal.
• You have dispensed all the evidence and validations of your refund claim.
All the refund requests must be furnished on our Refund Policy page.


Refunds are processed by a similar payment mode. It takes up to 10 business days for the refunds to get processed from the requested date. The time extensively depends on the processor and the payment technique like refunds via credit cards may take up to 2 months. It is not under our jurisdiction.
Manage Goal may update the refund policy at any time without conveying prior notice. You are expected to check for updates every once in a while. Also, you are requested to read all the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing any software from us. For additional information on refund policy, kindly contact us at