Toss that register out, it's time to look to the future! Our best school management software in Canada and USA comes with customizable dashboards and 6 management systems that will revolutionize your school. It will seamlessly integrate into every school process and enhance the productivity of the organization.
Our best school management system covers everyone- parents, teachers, students, and management. This robust software will help in the everyday smooth functioning of the organization while ensuring zero communication gaps. It will ensure that your institution transforms from a people-driven institution to a process-driven one.

Why Should You Choose Our Smart School Management Software?

1. It is simple and easy-to-use
2. There is a module for every people-process
3. You will be able to focus on your core areas
4. It is reliable and fast
5. The software is backed-up with tech support and maintenance

Why Should You Choose Manage Goals School Management System?

Campus Recruitment System

At the end of the year, your seniormost candidates will be looking for jobs so that they can begin their professional career. To support them, the placement department of your institution will be inviting companies that are looking for employees.
Now, since multiple companies will be coming to recruit your institution's best minds so it's important to give each and every candidate the best possible chance of success. And that's something that you can only do with our best school management software in USA and Canada.
Want to know why? It's because we offer the following features in our Placement system:
• Successfully manage student applications
• Facilitate interaction between companies and students
• Store company profiles and job profiles
• Track campus job offers and salary packages
• Streamline candidate evaluations through simple forms
• Manage companies and campus recruitment events



The main event of any educational institution is the admission process. After all, admitting new students allows schools to fill their seats and continue their business. Now every school wants the best candidates to grace their halls and avail their facilities.
But choosing the cream of the crop involves a steady evaluation and elimination process that can get greulling if done manually. That's why our best school management software in Canada and USA is here to streamline your entire admission procedure.
This will prevent the frustration and exhaustion of those in charge of the admission process as well as the students applying for a seat. Thus our system will reduce errors, delays, and human labor. It does this with the help of the below features:



Laboratories contain highly expensive and sometimes dangerous materials and equipments. As such, it's important to manage them carefully and properly to avoid the risk of breakage. Even though, most schools have staff in charge of managing the labs, but it doesn't take much for things to get hectic.
This is especially the case during practicals or student showcases when the labs are needed frequently. Also, coordinating, conducting, and keeping track of all the experiments getting done in a lab is a difficult process. But with the help of our best school management system you don't have to stress much. This is because it comes equipped with the below important features:



Any educational institution has a varied number of departments that handles everything from teaching to maintaining the premises. So employees in a school have different shifts and different job profiles. As such, they all draw different salaries and enjoy a variety of benefits.
In a large school, it can be difficult to keep track of all the employees. However, if it's not done with precision and accuracy, then it can lead to problems in the financial records of the organisation. Now if human-managed accounts have disastrous errors capable of derailing the functioning of an institution, then it can shake the stability of the institution.
But you can avoid these issues by adopting our best school management software in USA and Canada. It is the best because it comes equipped with the following features to simplify and streamline your accounts operations.



The staff of an educational institution is large and varied. Different employees perform different functions in here. However, manually maintaining the records of a large number of employees is difficult and stressful. After all, often it can lead to errors that can prove to be a hassle to undo in the later stages of record keeping or policy execution.
Not to mention that maintaining paper records of hundreds of employees is cumbersome too. Also, there is a risk of it getting damaged or lost. So to ensure safe storage and easy access to staff data, you will need our staff management system. With this you will be able to:

Attendance Management System

Any educational institution has to keep track of the attendance details of its staff and students. Now, taking, tracking, and storing attendance details of hundreds of students/staff at a time manually ensures that there will be errors.
To make things worse, this job can be difficult especially with different operation timings during different seasons, etc. But you can avoid those errors with our best school management software in USA and Canada. It comes with unique features that will prevent errors. These are:
• Manage attendance of staff, day-boarding students, hostel students, and more
• Keep track of snacks and lunch attendance
• Link staff attendance to payroll. So the total number of working days gets automatically calculated. Also, the necessary pay slips get generated
• Generate annual term and mid-term attendance reports
• Integrated holidays with the staff and student attendance module
• Pull up a specific student or staff's attendance report for a period of time
• Set alerts and notifications when the attendance of a staff personnel or student dips below a pre-set percentage

Transport Management System

Our school management software comes with a transport system that will help you implement accurate and safe transportation solutions. This is because our transport management software is equipped with the following facilities:
• Stores and manages vehicle transportation routes
• Vehicle tracking software allows parents and school personnel to be aware of the current location of the vehicle at all times.
• Stores information about the various dropping off points for students
• Stores driver details and credentials
• Keeps track of all the listed vehicles and manages their availability for various events.

Examination Management System

If there's a time when everyone gets stressed, then it's during exams. Students are worried about their academic performance, whereas the school administration is stressed about carrying out the examination process smoothly. But you can avoid this stress if you adopt our software.
Our best school management system will help streamline all the processes involved so that exam periods are executed successfully. As such, with our online examination management software you don't have to get stressed during exam time. To ensure this, the module comes with the following features:
• Student applications are processed online and stored before the exam
• The system shows/ generates the examination timetable
• It sends out exam timetable notifications to staff and students
• Flawless seating arrangement and room allocation
• It generates admit cards or hall tickets
• The system sets up blank question paper templates and MCQ papers
• It ensures that the question paper has been approved
• It sends out the papers to the concerned class
• The system carries out screen evaluation for MCQ tests
• It publishes results and generates transcripts
• Publishes exhaustive report cards as per established template.

Our best school management software in Canada and USA will help streamline all the functions of your educational institution. As such, you will be able to rest easy and focus on the core areas of your job. Now, if you have more queries about our product or if you want to know about its pricing details, then please do contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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