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Hotel management involves looking after a large people-oriented business with various moving parts. And it's not an easy job. From looking after customers, to ensuring food delivery, cleaning, taking care of the staff, and more, the list is endless.
As such, it's not humanely possible to maintain all these areas manually even if there's an competent, talented, and experienced team in place. After all, there's a lot of areas where errors can derail the smooth functioning of a hotel. However, there's a way to prevent this. You need a hotel management system in Canada, USA, etc., backing you up.
Our hotel management system in USA and Canada will help you streamline the various processes, become more efficient at managing tasks, and eliminate errors. As such, you will get to run your hotel business smoothly and without problems.
So here are the features of our software that will help streamline your business operation:



The main purpose of every hotel is to provide excellent accommodation facilities to customers. Now, since a hotel operates year round so it has to keep track of bookings, cancellations, prices of various rooms, discounts offered, etc. It's a mind boggling task and often results in errors when done manually.
So the first and foremost job of our hotel reservation system software is to ensure that customers can book the rooms they want. But that's not all. Moreover, this system will help maintain and change those bookings as per requirements. Along with this, it comes with the following features:



Hotels have a large number of products that it places in its inventory or storage. From extra sheets and mattresses in the storage room to various fishes in its kitchen inventory, there's a lot a hotel staff has to care for and maintain. Also, the bigger the hotel, the more inventory it has to manage.
A well-managed inventory is the key to great customer service since it ensures that there's nothing the customer will demand and not get. However, the staff can't keep track of all the products as well as keep an eye on their availability status. Apart from manual errors, there can be miscalculations when more than 2 people are on duty.
This is where our best hotel management software Canada and USA comes in. In the storage/inventory section you will find the following features that will help you manage your inventory better:



Housekeeping and room service are the backbone of every hotel. But often coordination with the front desk or management staff is difficult for these people. But that doesn't mean that they won't have to maintain the hotel. However, the lack of coordination can make the maintenance process long and cumbersome.
Moreover, since customers pay for their accommodations and other services in an hotel so one should not expect them to clean their rooms during their stay. As such, it's the job of the hotel staff to keep the rooms in top condition during the stay of the customer. But to accomplish this one needs coordination, dedication, and commitment.
With our best hotel management software in USA you don't have to worry about miscommunication. This is because in this module you will get the following features:



A hotel employs multiple people in different levels and sections of the organization. As such, it has to maintain a large payroll. However, it's not possible for HR to perfectly calculate the payments of each employee flawlessly.
Often manual calculations lead to grave errors that can lead to mistrust and miscommunication between employer and employee. If wrong payments are made continuously, then the employee can decide to leave thr company.
Losing an experienced and talented employee can be devastating for the business at times. That's why our best hotel management software Canada and USA has an automated payroll system to reduce that possibility. It comes with the following features that make it easy and error-free to maintain payroll. These are:

Front Desk

The front desk of a hotel plays an important role in the functioning of a hotel. After all, they are responsible for greeting people, ensuring that people get the rooms they have booked, collecting payments, and more.
But it gets difficult to manually manage such varied operations. And often such mistakes can result in financial losses and ill-reputation of the business. But, that is where our hotel reservation system software comes in. In its Front Desk system you will be able to get the following features:
● Matching allocated rooms with the given ID
● Get swift on-site room allocation done
● Uncomplicated check-out procedure
● Option to split the invoice
● Multiple payment methods
● Customize the invoice template

Financial Status

A hotel needs to stay updated about the status of its daily financial health. After all, a lot of daily purchases and payments depend on the regular earnings of the company. But after a long day, it becomes impossible to sit down and calculate all the earnings and expenses.
Now, if there are errors on the day-to-day earnings, payments, losses, etc., calculations, then it will affect the overall profit amount. For example, if the quarterly or monthly profit amounts are decreased or increased as a result of errors, then it can tumble the purchasing and loan-availing power of the business.
So the pressure is immense on the accountant keeping track of every little financial detail. However, it's impossible to keep track of all the little earnings and costs accurately manually. Mistakes are human and they are bound to creep in.
But our best hotel management software in USA and Canada can prevent all such issues easily. It will eliminate errors and negligence through the following features:
● The hotel management system in Canada keeps track of even minor expenses and earnings
● Creates daily profit and expenditure reports
● Creates accurate invoices for guests
● Files accurate taxation reports within deadline
● Customization of various forms
● Auto VAT computation and due-date computation

Hotel Chains

Hotel chains often have to coordinate between themselves at the end of the year, or at least quarterly regarding profits, costs, loans, etc. This helps the accountant keep track of the overall earnings and then based on that decisions regarding the expansion of the business can be taken.
Apart from business expansion, the total earnings reports can decide the fate of each hotel and improvements done in it. But if there's any manual error, then it can cause problems in calculations. As a result, the entire financial report can get derailed. This can have grave repercussions on the survival of the business.
But this situation can be avoided with the help of our hotel management system in USA and Canada. It comes with the following features that makes it easy to manage hotel chains:
• Accurate calculations of daily, weekly, and monthly profits
• Detailed tracking of guests and the kind of rooms they prefer
• Accurate analysis of hotel expenses
• Annual, quarterly, or monthly reports on earnings
• Detailed tracking of inventory expenses
• Focus on employee payments and the number of workers on the team
• Accurate tracking of earnings, profits, management, etc., regarding a specific division of all the hotels in the chain

Our hotel management system in USA and Canada will help hotels and hotel chains ensure coordination between their employees and allow for better monitoring of clients/ goods. As such it will bring in transparency and allow the business to function to its optimum capacity. If you want to know more more about our hotel management system in Canada, or have questions about pricing, then contact us. We will be happy to help you out.

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