Leave behind cumbersome paperwork and let technology step in to manage your system. Our hospital management software in USA covers everyone and everything- medical staff, patients, inventory management personnel, and administrators.
This robust system helps ensure that there are zero errors, loss of data, or communication gaps. To make this possible, our smart hospital management system comes with 13 features that help streamline your hospital operations and improve productivity. Look inside to know about them in detail. Contact us now to know more about this software.



It can be confusing and time-consuming to set up and maintain appointments or schedule various surgeries, especially in a multi-specialty hospital. That's why you need our hospital management system software.
It comes with the Appointment and Scheduling module that will help streamline and simplify the entire process. It offers the following benefits:



An inpatient department or I.P.D needs to effectively coordinate with various departments, doctors, labs, and other healthcare professionals. But often, perfect coordination becomes impossible due to human interference.
But our hospital management system software’s IPD module will eliminate all errors and data gaps. It will do that by providing the following facilities:



A healthcare institution, especially a multi-specialty has multiple areas which need to be monitored and managed. But communication gaps, delays, and errors can derail the accomplishment of this process daily.
However, you can streamline all the administrative functions as well as ensure that they are error-free by adopting our hospital management software. In here:

Cash/Billing Center

The billing center of a hospital is always under pressure. After all, it has to prepare bills for various patients who are undergoing or have undergone treatments from different departments.
So it can get confusing fast. But the cash or billing center in our smart hospital management system is here to prevent that. It halts loss of data or theft while helping streamline the load. Our system provides the following functions:
● Integrated billing by coordinating with the various departments and their labs
● The system shows discount offers on various processes
● Provides patients the option to bill either before or after the consultation
● Offers options for rechecking the process and carrying out sample collection again
● Shows the different diagnostic packages offered by the hospital and its various departments
● Offers status update regarding a clear analysis from the labs
● Manages the loss and profit statements so that you can correct the trajectory of your hospital

Laboratory Facilities

Our smart hospital management system comes with laboratory software that ensures better communication with the various departments, fewer errors, and an overall more streamlined process. In this system:
● Doctors will be able to directly instruct the labs about the tests that need to be performed on various patients
● There are sub-divisions in the laboratory section like Pathology, MRI, Ultrasound, Radiology, and more
● Patient details will be directly sent to the lab so that the right test results get attached to the right chart
● Doctors will be able to check out the lab results and provide the necessary feedback
● Patients will be able to see their lab reports from a secure login ID.
● It delegates tests to various personnel based on their qualification, experience, and other details
● Filters the patient record by the doctor, ailment, test type, and date

Pharmacy And Medicine

The Pharmacy and Medical module of our hospital inventory management software will ensure that you get the proper medications prescribed by your doctor. As such, patients won't have to run from one pharmacy to another to get their prescriptions. So here are the advantages of our pharmacy module:
● Doctors can directly instruct the pharmacy department to arrange the medications prescribed to a patient
● Doctors can instruct the pharmacy section to allow for refills only during certain conditions or at some pre-set intervals
● The pharmacy department is integrated with the inventory section so alerts can be sent if medications are running low
● Stock movement between the Inventory and Pharmacy is monitored
● Multiple sale counters can be configured to ensure proper delegation of work
● It is also connected to the billing section so that the entire process gets streamlined
● Patients will be able to reorder when needed
● Limits can be set to restrict orders when it reaches a particular threshold

Inventory And Stock

Every hospital needs to manage its stock and inventory perfectly to prevent waste of financial resources or medical products. Now, that will be possible with the help of our hospital inventory management software. In here you will get the following facilities:
● Regular updates about the current stock levels
● Daily reports of stocks that were dispensed
● When it drops below a set threshold, the hospital inventory management software will send out automatic orders for refills
● Keep detailed records of each product and its status
● Authorized personnel can send out stock requests or take out extra stock whenever needed
● Keep track of pending orders and completed orders

Payroll Management System

Hospital staff consists of multiple workers working in various levels and departments of the hospital. So, it can be difficult to manage their payments without any automated system to keep track of it all.
But our hospital management software in USA payroll module will help you with that. Here are the features you will get in this module:
● Gain easy access to employee records and track their payments
● Automatic payment dispersal on a set date every month
● Payment is only distributed after it is authorized by the concerned personnel
● Get reports and notifications on each payment sent
● Complies with tax laws and regulations
● Integrated accounting to aid the accounting team
● Get wage, liability, and unemployment reports
● Customize the system as per your needs
● Zero errors in filing payments as per the instructions set

Financial Account

Every hospital needs to have accurate financial records to keep track of the financial health of the institution. With the help of our hospital management system software, you will be able to do just that. Our financial account system comes with the following features:
● Generates and sends profit/loss statements, balance sheets, and trial balance to the upper administrators
● Records details of individual accounts, family accounts, health insurance information, and patient specifications
● Generates monthly, weekly, or daily reports
● Track and monitor the account receivable, account payable, and the general ledger
● Customize the system to clear out the supplier invoice
● Track the account revenue and receivable
● Generate balance sheet, purchase book, petty-cash book, and generate ledger
● Generate cash-flow and income statements

Security Control

Every hospital holds sensitive data like tax records, employee information, patient health information, and insurance details. This data needs to be safely guarded. Our security control system will give you the features you desire for keeping your data safe. These are:
● Only authorized people can access insurance/ test/ patient data
● Heavily encrypted sensitive data
● Payments are given out only after authorization is cleared
● Insurance details are kept under high-security
● Authorization needed to give out medicines of specific groups


MIS or Management Information Systems are a requirement in all hospitals. After all, hospitals need to collect, process, and store data on the management level to ensure smooth daily business operations. Our MIS operation system comes loaded with a lot of features to facilitate this:
● Generates reports on product-based margins, current stock, and manual stock-adjustments
● Generates daily reports on discounted bills, net collection of Pharmacy, sale bills, and more
● Sends detailed department-wise sales reports
● The hospital bed management system creates detailed bed occupancy analysis in various departments
● Bed occupancy detailed analysis (Floor wise or Nursing-Station wise)
● Regular OPD/IPD department-wise reports
● Statistical reports (monthly and according to consultants) of patient discharge and IPD admissions
● Regular management of doctor referral

Print Receipts/Bills/Reports

Bills and receipts play an important role in keeping track of the various expenditure, earnings, etc., of a healthcare institution. However, when managed by humans, there are bound to be errors. To prevent such errors from happening, you need to use our hospital management software. It will allow you to:
● Get daily reports on patient discharges and the corresponding bill amounts
● Get reports on Pharmacy expenditure
● Only allows authorized access to important bills
● Generate receipts according to patient data
● Keep track of discounts given
● Monitor department-wise earnings
● Print all kinds of bills, receipts, and test results for proper paper-proof

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