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A restaurant has to deal with large swaths of people regularly. As such, you need to ensure that you are ready to serve your customers with good food and exceptional financial security. After all, you surely wouldn't want the credit card information of your patrons getting leaked. That will be disastrous for the reputation of your business.
So to help you keep your clientele safe and satisfied, our food management system is here. This food service management software will streamline your entire operation and automate it so that it stays error-free and secure. As a result, you will be able to serve customers without losing track of your resources, earnings, customer records, and more.
So here, we will dive deep into our food service management software and explain the advantages of the various systems available. Want to try out our software or know more about it? Just get in touch with us.



Whether your customers are stuck inside due to the pandemic or after a long day at work, having an online ordering system will allow them to order anytime they like. Also, expanding your business online will allow you to attract new customers. However, it can be cumbersome to manage your online orders with human staff.
But our best food management software in Canada can assist here by eliminating errors and streamlining the process with these features:



Generally, in a restaurant, orders get taken manually. While workers are proficient in their jobs, but human errors are bound to peek in. This results in ruined orders, and service delays. Now this, in turn, leads to an unhappy customer.
But there is no necessity to worry about any human errors even once with the help of our best food management software in USA. Note that our restaurant management system software will streamline the order-taking process and ensure that there are no errors with it. This system can get it done with the help of the following features:



Once the day ends, you will want to know how much you sold on a particular day. After all, this information will allow you to know more about the health of your business. Now, in a manually operated restaurant, it will take a lot of time to conclude those results. But that's not the case with our food and beverage management system. Here you will be able to get


Research and Development

Restaurants are constantly hunting for hit recipes to improve sales and recognition. As such, plenty of experimentation gets done to come up with a variety of new ideas. But not all of them work. However, it's necessary to catalog it all for future references and changes.
Also, with multiple chefs coming up with new ideas, it can be cumbersome to manage all the recipes and credit them to the right chef. But our best food management software in USA can help with all these issues. It comes equipped with the following features that make it easier to run a restaurant:

Employee Management System

Employees are the backbone of any restaurant. As such, you should care for them and manage their duties properly. But manually noting down and storing employee information can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Not to mention that updating it can be a nightmare.
But an automated restaurant management system software will help streamline the process and reduce errors. After all, our software comes with the following features that make employee management easier:
● Automatic salary dispersal in employee accounts
● Easy employee data update system
● Daily employee absence and presence reports
● Periodic employee productivity reports
● Daily employee log-in and log-out reports
● Daily, weekly, or monthly automated bonus dispersal
● Authorized access only to employee records

Filing Taxes And Tracking Expenses

Everyone loves reading the sales and profit charts. But there's the expenses and taxes side that has to be calculated and compared with the profit reports. This comparison and computation is crucial for any restaurant business.
After all, even a minor error in expense calculation or tax filings can put the entire financial stability of the business in jeopardy. But with the help of our best food management software in Canada, you will be able to prevent such issues. It comes with the below helpful features:
● Executes automated tax filing
● Customize employee salary based tax filing
● Generate reports on miscellaneous expenses, theft-related losses, food waste, etc.
● Daily, weekly, and monthly expense reports
● Track and monitor expenses of each product
● Get alerts when expenses reach a certain pre-set limit
● The food management system in Canada, USA, etc., is integrated with the inventory and sales modules to ensure that you get detailed reports

Planning Management System

Running a restaurant requires careful financial analysis and the management of supplies. But it's impossible to plan, organize, maintain track of supplies, customers, etc., manually. This is where our restaurant management system software can help. It comes with the below features to make restaurant planning easier:
● Tracks supplies and the cost of procurement
● It is integrated with the inventory management system to provide improved coordination and maintenance
● Tracks and records pre-process, in-process, and post-process planning
● Aids in sales and customer planning and management
● Supports material planning involved in day-to-day restaurant maintenance

Inventory Management System

Proper inventory management is crucial if you don't want to run low on products and ingredients during peak hours. However, often between the hassle of managing the kitchen, the customers, etc., proper inventory management remains a dream.
But our inventory management infrastructure in the food management system in Canada will eliminate such ignorance and errors while simultaneously promoting high-quality inventory management. It can accomplish these goals because it comes equipped with the following features:
● Tracks the expiry dates of various products like frozen foods, packaged food
● Sends out a notification alert when the expiration date gets near
● Labels the ingredients and dishes as per your requirement
● Generates reports on daily, weekly, and monthly food waste
● The best food management software in USA, Canada, etc., estimates as well as tracks the recipe costs. If it exceeds a set level, then it sends out a notification alert
● Automatic orders get sent out if the stock levels fall below a pre-set level
● Only authorized personnel are permitted to handle the buying of specific food products
● Weekly, daily, and monthly reports on food costs
● Sends out alerts when food expenses hit a set limit

A Loyalty/Rewards Programs

A Loyalty/Reward program will make the customer feel valued. So, in the long run, you will be able to have a repeat customer. But you can only have a successful rewards program when you know about customer preferences, the current trends in loyalty programs, etc.
After all, this is the age of personalization. The better you will tailor your product to the tastes of your patrons, the more successful your business will be. Now, this is where our food service management software will be able to help with its features:
• The best food management software in Canada, USA, etc., can be customized as per your loyalty program
• Customize your coupons, discounts, etc.
• Gives out coupons upon ordering a minimum amount of food
• Gives out discounts when specific products are bought
• Gives special discounts when customers buy beyond a set limit
• It will integrate gift cards

Think that this system is just what your business needs? Then check out its demo. Contact us to know about pricing details or to clear any queries. Are you worried about installation? Don't worry. We will help with the system installation, and guide your employees in its correct use. Know that you can rely on us for an excellent quality product and exceptional quality service.

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