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Why do we need an attendance management system in USA and Canada? After all, most offices use a manual register and barring some instances it seems to be going well. Or is it?
Employee and school attendance has been historically taken on registers and excel sheets. But these methods are outdated now. After all, with companies and institutions becoming more diverse in their functions and growing in size, it's time to incorporate better attendance taking methods.
Also, most businesses complain of unrecorded employee absences, issues with attendance proxy, and leave mismanagement. Employees on the other hand complain of incorrect payments and vacation issues. Now, when such issues keep on occuring, then it creates an ill-will in the organization between the employees and management.
If these issues are not corrected, then talented and experienced employees can leave the company. This can be a huge loss, especially for small companies. But there's a way to prevent these issues from taking place so that a harmonious relationship between the employees and management can be maintained.
One of the most viable ways is to adopt the best attendance management software in USA in the organization. This software will not only eliminate errors in attendance taking, but also streamline the entire process and make it more accurate.
Our employee and school online attendance management system will allow management to focus on the core areas of their jobs. This is because we have created a management software that works for schools as well businesses. After all, educational institutions need the help of such a software to manage the attendance taking of students and staff.
Such a software will help school management maintain student and staff leaves, vacation dates, and coordinate it with examination schedules for the school. Overall, it's a one-stop solution for everyone's accurate attendance needs. Here are the features you will find in our attendance management system in USA and Canada.


Attendance Taking

Accurate attendance taking is the one function that most companies and educational institutions struggle with. Often manual attendance registers are riddled with employees and students not writing the correct log-in and log-off times. To make matters worse, there's the issue of proxy attendance.
All these problems hamper productivity and lead to losses for the company. But these issues can be eliminated with the help of our best attendance management software in USA and Canada. Attendance taking will become easier, streamlined, and accurate.
So whether you are a company with a sizeable workforce or an institution looking for a great school online attendance management system, we have answers to both. With our attendance taking systems, there will be no need to manage bulky registers. Instead, you will be able to get the following features to use:


Time-Off Requests

Employees are just humans and so they might want a break from time to time. Now this might be because of sickness or a vacation. Not to mention the fact, sometimes they might want to do a half-day and attend to their other needs urgently.
But in an institution with thousands of employees, it gets difficult to keep track of all the leave requests and coordinate them. Moreover, there's also the issue of paid and unpaid leaves that has to be sorted out. It might seem like an easy enough issue, but it can prove to be a problem during crunch time.
For example, during annual examinations, an educational institution needs all hands on deck. So leaves are mostly not given out during that period except in emergencies. As such, what one needs to avoid such problems and ensure coordination is the help of our best attendance management software in USA and Canada.
With our attendance management system in USA you will be able to enjoy the following features that will streamline this erratic situation:


Biometric Integration

Years of working in corporations- whether educational or elsewhere, makes people friends. As such, when the time comes, then these people cover for each other in an organization.
Often this friendship can be seen in attendance registers when people mark their friend present even when they are absent. This is called proxy attendance giving and it's really common.
While it cements friendships, but it's a headache for the institutions. After all, it means that there's less productivity, but companies have to pay the same. Not to mention the fact that there's issues during report creation as well since there's less productivity but no way to account for it.
As such, it can shake the foundations of the enterprise if this practise remains unchecked. But now there is a way to stop it. Since these practices are mostly common in manual registers so the easiest way would be to use the best attendance management software in Canada or USA which comes with biometric integration.
Biometric integration means that the attendance taking will be digitized with the help of a fingerprint, eye or voice pattern tracking system. As such, attendance will be marked when the fingerprint, voice, or eye pattern matches with the person giving it. So eliminates any way to cover for someone else. Know that with this, in this system you will get the following features:


Cloud and Mobile support

Working from home for a few days? Or have employees who are always working remote? Then you must have run into attendance and productivity issues. After all, it's difficult to track the productivity levels of employees when they are not working from the office.
Also, during remote work employees tend to not login properly on a daily basis. As such, institutions need a way to ensure that employees can log in easily. The same goes for schools that have opted to continue schooling through various online means.
After all, it's difficult to take attendance online when some students might be joining late, having connectivity issues, etc. Such institutions will need a employee and school online attendance management system to track and manage attendance.
Know that we can help in both cases and more. Our school and employee attendance management system comes with multiple features which includes cross-platform compatibility as well. The features it comes with are:

Student Attendance Taking

Student attendance differs from employee ones. So our attendance management system in USA and Canada comes with separate sections for taking employee and student attendance. The student section has the following features:
• Easy and accurate attendance registration
• Integrated with the biometric systems to ensure correct attendance during exam times
• Integrated with mobile and cloud support during remote schooling
• Online profile for each student that can only be accessed by them and their guardians
• Monthly report of student absences
• Guardians can be contacted easily by the school authorities in case of unusually excessive leaves

Our best attendance management software in Canada and USA can help streamline employee and student attendance taking. As such, it will reduce absences, prevent proxies while allowing correct recording of absences. This will lead to high productivity and correct salary payments. Overall, it will ensure better management of the enterprise. So if you have more questions about our software or if you want to know about the price, then feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist.

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